happyWe just moved and don’t have internet yet so I’m posting this from my phone – hope it works!

Lately, our son has started saying that he’s “happy.” When he gives us hugs and kisses, at the same time telling us he’s happy, my husband and I melt. It’s a beautiful thing to know your child feels happy in your arms!

I am convinced our Heavenly Father feels the same way when we, his children, are happy in his arms. And I think he appreciates when we tell him so in grateful prayer. Even if we currently only experience glimpses of happiness (our son can break out in tears seconds after saying he’s happy), it’s a good idea to thank our Creator for those moments. A happy child is a beautiful thing, but so is a happy Father!


  1. ejvinter says:

    Jag är en happy farfar att Lukas är på gång! Isak spelar med mig varje gång han är här! /Stellan

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