Sowing Seeds

Today Utah celebrates Pioneer Day; an annual holiday commemorating the pioneers’ arrival in the Salt Lake Valley on July 24th, 1847. I was reminded of this because I “like” on facebook (you can, too!) and today they posted the graphic above (click it to see it in larger size). Interesting stuff, right?

I’d probably already heard or read before that the Mormon pioneers planted small crops along the way to supply food for later travelers, but today that tidbit made an impression on my heart. The pioneers dedicated their sore backs and scarce resources to help make the trek easier for those who followed. For those early pioneers, who received no tangible reward for their labors, planting crops must have been a major sacrifice. A smart and strategic sacrifice, but still a sacrifice.

As I mulled this information over, I considered how we all sow seeds for good or ill (and everywhere in between). A seemingly innocent comment to a child about the shape of her nose, for example, can grow into a lifetime of insecurities about physical appearance. A hug from a friend may remind someone that life is not that bad, after all. A thought shared in testimony meeting may pop into someone’s mind years later, when they might not even remember the testifier anymore. The seeds we sow among family and friends are paramount, but the seeds we plant in the hearts of perfect strangers can be crucial as well. By word and deed, we influence each other in a multitude of ways. We would probably be surprised to see how many of our scattered seeds have grown into more or less nourishing (poisoning?) crop.

The question I ask myself: what kind of seeds am I sowing?

Conclusion? No surprises here: in all spheres of life, I can do MUCH better at sowing good seeds (and not sowing rotten ones!).

Any illustrative experiences on this topic?


  1. ejvinter says:

    Blir glad när det är ett nytt inlägg på den här bloggen. Du har så fina tankar.
    Förstår inte hur du hinner nu med en liten bebis!
    Angående frön som vi sår så är det väl så att vi för det mesta inte vet vad det blivit av dem. Men jag har faktiskt haft flera f.d. K-holms missionärer som skrivit till mig den senaste tiden om saker jag gjort eller sagt som hjälpte dem under missionen, som de fortfarande minns. Jag har inget minne av det som de beskrivit – kommer nästan inte ihåg missionärerna heller! Men visst kan man fundera om dåliga frön man sått – om någon blivit ledsen eller negativt påverkad. Det är det nog ingen som hör av sig efter 15 år och berättar!

  2. Eivor – tack for att du laser och delar med dig av dina tankar!!

    Nej, det ar inte sa latt att hinna skriva med en ny bebis i huset, men jag har lyckats hitta lite tidsluckor har och var…far se hur det blir framover!

  3. Great link to this post! Thanks again

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