General Conference is Over…Now What??

Ensign cover from the October 2011 General Conference

Ensign cover from the October 2011 General Conference

I hope you had the opportunity to watch or listen to General Conference this past weekend. What a great blessing to figuratively sit at the feet of prophets, apostles, and other church leaders, truly feasting on the words of Christ!

Then again…now that a few days have passed, how much of what was said do you actually remember? And if you have children, how much were you able to hear in the first place?? With a baby and toddler in the house, the ability to focus around here was…limited. Add to that my pretty worthless memory, and you can guess how much I retained!

Luckily, conference isn’t over! Well, the sessions ended, but there is so much left to do. And rereading and/or listening to the talks? Just the beginning.

I want to share three ways I plan to keep this General Conference fresh in my mind until the next one. Maybe you want to join me?

1. Act on promptings. One of the great things about General Conference is the personal revelation we receive about ways we need to improve (help this person, work on that principle, dive into family history, etc). On the other hand, it’s so easy to neglect acting on those thoughts! As I continue to study the talks, I expect I will receive further promptings: I just need to make sure I heed those subtle calls to action.

2. Devise an action plan. To help me act on the promptings and thoughts I receive, I will probably have to make myself accountable in some way. Otherwise, it’s just too easy for me to forget or procrastinate. Action plans help me get things done, even when it comes to spiritual matters. Outlining the “hows” and “whens” turns the general into the specific. Deadlines (if applicable) create a sense of urgency. I may even set a reward (chocolate) or inflict a punishment (removal of chocolate) to get things done!

3. Let the words sink deep into my heart. Studying the talks over and over definitely helps this happen. So does memorizing passages and putting quotations in conspicuous places. One of the surest ways to have the words sink deep into my heart though—to have them really become part of who I am and how I think—is to take them personally. The words aren’t just words: they are words directed at me by my Heavenly Father through his servants. Just keeping that simple thought in mind helps me pay more attention! And come on, how awesome would it be to always have thoughts like the following stamped on my heart?

“Disciples of Jesus Christ…know you could pile up the accumulated currency of the entire world and it could not buy a loaf of bread in the economy of heaven.”  

“The Lord doesn’t care at all if we spend our days working in marble halls or stable stalls.  He knows where we are, no matter how humble our circumstances. He will use – in His own way and for His holy purposes – those who incline their hearts to Him.” 

“…the Lord uses a scale very different from the world’s to weigh the worth of a soul”

(Quotes from Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk “You Matter to Him” in the October 2011 General Conference)

I am very excited to receive next month’s Ensign so I can really dig into the talks. While I wait for the Ensign to arrive in the mail, I will use the church’s online resources to refresh my memory of what was actually said this past weekend!

Any favorites from this General Conference?


  1. jonashagman says:

    Great thoughts. I will join you in studying the talks from general conference. I will also try to come up with an action plan.
    I thought there were many talks that dealt with service and serving our fellow men. I hope to become more service oriented starting with my family of course.

  2. Tack för dina tankar från och om generalkonferensen. Den här gången var vi bara i kyrkan för en session resten såg vi hemma vid datorn. Jag sitter inte så bra i kyrkan så lång tid, blir lätt trött i ryggen, därför var det skönt att kunna se och höra hemma i fåtöljen. Konferenstalen har alltid haft stor betydelse för mig – har hjälpt mig mycket. Nu är jag så tacksam för min ipad – varje morgon är det första jag gör innan jag går upp att sätta på ett tal som vi lyssnar på. Pres. Uchtdorfs tal var som vanligt inspirerande “it is not a race it is a journey – enjoy the moment”. Tyckte mycket om äldste Neil L Andersens tal “Trial of your faith” och äldste Bednars “converted unto the Lord” – har jag både ett vittnesbörd och är omvänd?
    Här får vi vänta så länge på konferensnumret av Ensign/Liahona, visst kan jag läsa talen på ipaden/datorn men det känns inte lika bra. Det är väl för att jag inte är van att läsa på datorn. Tyckte presskonferensen efter första sessionen var intressant ang. nyheten om sänkning av missionärsåldern. Att endast första presidentskapet och de tolv visste om det innan profeten annonserade det! Fast Jakob hade hört nån i Örebro säga innan att profeten var nervös inför något han skulle säga! Vet inte vilka kontakter Örebro har?!

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