Five Lessons Learned from Switching Blog Platforms

What a real keyboard looks like. =)

Along with my decision to take this blog public, I decided to switch blog platforms. As it turns out, the added flexibility of the new platform meant MAJOR HEADACHE.

Setting up the new blog was not only frustrating(!!!!!!), but also costly. Partly because I don’t expect to recoup any costs, I can’t help but think: why exactly am I paying to feel like an idiot? And more importantly: will it really make a difference to my readers if I switch from the easier free blog platform to the technologically complicated expensive one?

Only time will tell if the switch in platforms will be worth it in the long run. In the mean time, I am squeezing out all the lessons I can from this experience to justify my blood, sweat, and tears.

So without further ado, here are five lessons I learned from switching blog platforms:

1. The instructions don’t always work. Let me tell you, I followed those instructions perfectly. But wait…what happened to my pictures? Why can’t I install the theme? And why on earth did the whole site suddenly go blank (I mean, completely blank)? And then when I finally found instructions on how to fix these issues (which turned out to be known bugs in the system), those technologically complex instructions might as well have been in Japanese! Which brings me to my next lesson:

2. Some things are just over your head. Oh, how I wish I could speak technology (without actually having to learn it word by word). But I’m learning a lot trying to put this blog together. Let’s hope I am less clueless by the time I switch platforms for my writing blog! (I dread the day)

3. When you think that everything that can possibly go wrong is going wrong…you’re probably wrong. Yes, I experienced some major issues while setting up the new blog, but I’m sure many more problems could have made me want to tear my hair out.

4. Sometimes you just need to start over. In my case, I had to recreate the entire site three times. The recommended fixes and “kind-of-starting-over” things just wouldn’t work.

5. One-click solutions to problems are fabulous…but they often don’t exist. Err, I mean, struggling to find solutions also has benefits! By the end of an extremely (extremely!) frustrating evening of blog switching, I had actually learned one or two new things. (Hello, FTP Client!) Finally getting it right made me feel kind of proud for persevering and figuring things out. And just a tiny bit less like an idiot.

There you go—I gave it a try! However, you’ll have to figure out on your own how to apply these lessons to spiritual matters and to life in general. My brain is too fried from switching blog platforms to do it for you…

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