25 Days of Christmas Quotes: Day 13

Christmas can remind us of many beautiful things. How grateful we are for our Savior. How much our families really mean to us. How, despite humankind’s failings, many people do good things they don’t have to.

In an earlier post this month, I mentioned visiting a Christmas Creche exhibit. (creche, by the way, is a fancy word for nativity scene) Last year, I posted about my experience at the exhibit¬†on my writing blog. As I mentioned in that post, the creche artists depicted the holy family not only in an impressive number of styles, but also took significant artistic liberties with their culture and race. Depending on the artists’ heritage, the Christ child had dark skin, slanted eyes, or wore indigenous tribal robes.

Some of the artists simply might not have the slightest concept of Christ as a Jew in Jerusalem two thousand years ago, but many of them probably do.¬†Regardless of the artists’ degree of historical savvy, their general eagerness to adopt Christ as “one of their own” really affected me. It taught me what I hope will become an automatic Christmas reminder for me in the future: that no matter where we come from and who we are, Christ is ours and we are His. And so today’s quote takes shape:


Of what does Christmas remind you?


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