What Can a Change in Perspective Do for You?

perspectiveOne recent afternoon, my then four-month-old woke up from a nap in a whiny mood. Perhaps because he was getting over a cold (and I was still fighting one), none of my regular anti-whine methods worked very well.

As my frustration built, I remembered the jumping toy in the garage. I hadn’t brought it out yet because I figured my son was still a little too young to sit in it.

I was wrong. Well, partially wrong. He didn’t really bounce around in the jumper, but mere seconds after I put him in, a big smile chased away all traces of whining. For a significant amount of time (for him), the toys, the blinking lights, and the music kept him entertained and content.

The thing is, only a few minutes earlier he lay on his back in a baby gym with basically the same features: lights, music, toys. And he didn’t want anything to do with it.

It’s funny. Even if a situation essentially stays the same, sometimes all you need to feel content is a change in perspective.

Let’s just hope that contentment lasts longer than fifteen minutes!

How have you benefited from consciously changing your perspective in varying situations?


  1. Kids are great examples to us, small changes can really make a huge difference. Great thought!

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