Resistance is Futile? No, But Soooo Dumb

libraryA few days ago, I decided to take my kids to story time at our local library. An hour or so before our expected departure, I told my 2 1/2-year-old about the morning ahead of us. He likes the library, so he got excited.

You can probably guess what occurred next. As happens far too often, the closer we got to the time we had to leave to reach our destination on time, the more the kids flipped out (and we weren’t even close to nap time!). At one point, while wrestling my screaming toddler into a sweater, I was ready to scrap our plans. Here we are, I thought, trying to do something he actually thinks is really fun, yet he decides to fight me all the way.

I decided to persist, however, and when we finally stumbled into the library we had missed most of story time because of the drama at home. Our 2 1/2-year-old enjoyed the minutes that remained of the activity and afterward we read some more and stopped by the playground adjacent to the library.

In short: we had a good ol’ time. Just like my toddler and I knew we would.

The struggle to get there, though? So…unnecessary and dumb. And annoying.

But my kids are still little. Resisting is in their job description.

What’s our excuse? Because don’t we often do the very same thing to our Father? (I know I do)

Our Heavenly Father has great plans for us. Things that will help us develop. Things that we ultimately want. Things that are fun. Things that will make us truly happy.

Yet we complain and resist. We drag our feet. We kick and scream. We refuse to get ready. We want to do something else first, or feel change is just too hard.

Heavenly Father is more patient than I am. He gives us time. He will probably wait until we’ve settled down and cheered up a bit before He gently leads us to where we really wanted to go all along.

The question is: what beautiful and fun things are we missing out on by throwing our fits?

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