Surprise, Surprise!


We are about thirty minutes into the strength training class and it’s time to change things up. “Let’s grab our heavy weights and get down onto our mats,” the instructor says. When I reach for my heavy weights, I try not to think about the fact that my heavy weights are what some people in the class use as their medium, or even light weights.

“Let’s start on our backs and do a bench press exercise,” the instructor continues. I spread my towel over my mat (to protect it from my sweat, and me from a hundred other people’s) and lie down on my back, mentally preparing myself to get my pectoralis major into serious shape.

When I look up at the ceiling, I almost chuckle out loud. Not that what I see up there is especially funny, or even particularly noteworthy. But the sight above, though not extraordinary, is out of the ordinary.

It’s almost as if the two balloons in the ceiling – one red, one white –  are throwing me a little surprise party. “You didn’t expect to see us up here, did you? Well…surprise!” As I press my “heavy” weights to the sky, the balloons even become my own little cheering squad. “Hey you, lazy bones, work those muscles! Don’t be a quitter! Rise to the occasion, like we did – literally.”

As I pump my arms up and down, feeling the burn and mentally grinning at my balloon buddies, something else occurs to me.

I bet God plants fun little surprises for me all the time.

Which begs some follow-up questions….

How many of God’s surprises do I miss because I don’t look for or acknowledge them? Or because I don’t get down and work those spiritual pecs, thereby “accidentally” finding them in places I wouldn’t think to look?

Also…maybe I should look up a little more.


  1. Such a great analogy. Thanks, Angelica! Can’t wait to join you with my light weights in a couple of months! :)

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