5 Strategies to Survive Today (*crossing fingers*)

Maybe they'll eat me today? (It's about time!)

Maybe they’ll eat me today? (It’s about time!)

It’s been a rough past few weeks in the Hagman household. Aside from the usual daily challenges, a stubborn cold/flu has cast a dark cloud over us. I’m grateful nothing worse in the illness department has come our way: that said, wiping kids’ noses what seems like every five seconds can get a little old after three weeks! I thought I would personally escape the bug, but by the time I got hit, it must have morphed into a superbug (because I really hope that’s not how the kids felt). Headache, all-over aches and pains, chills, plus all the normal cold symptoms‚Ķblah.

Okay, enough venting.¬†Thankfully, we’re all on the mend, but I still felt like I needed an action plan to get through the day. Maybe my list can help you survive your day, too?

5 Strategies to Survive Today

1. Smile frequently

2. If the stars align (i.e. if the kids nap at the same time), take a nap

3. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits and veggies

4. Exercise just a little, or at least get some fresh air

5. Think positively

You may wonder what the above list is doing on a spiritual blog. Just ask me how spiritual I feel at 4p.m. today if I end up not doing any of these things!


  1. Thanks for the thoughts! Hope you all feel better !!

  2. All those are FINALS WEEK ESSENTIALS…! except they are really hard to fit into the intense finals week schedule :/ but I’ll try!

  3. Number 2,3 and 4 are tough for me!

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