When Your Cake Doesn’t Turn Out the Way You Hoped

My Mother's Day Cake

My Mother’s Day Cake

Yesterday for Mother’s Day, my husband made me a carrot cake. As you may be able to derive from the picture, it didn’t turn out quite the way he’d hoped.

Perhaps it was a combination of the unfamiliar flour-less recipe and the unusual ingredients like coconut oil and pecan flour. Or maybe he used too much carrot – the cake turned out so moist, he couldn’t remove it from the pan without it falling apart.

I felt bad for him. He’d worked so hard. He even ground the pecan flour himself (which turned out more like pecan butter, possibly another part of the problem).

But you know what? The cake was good. And when I say good, I mean I-have-to-stop-eating-but-don’t-wanna good. Today, when I transferred it to a plate for photographs (it was too fragile to remove from the pan yesterday), the cake kept shrinking because I just had to eat some…and some more. And some more.

Things don’t always rarely turn out exactly the way we hope or plan. But the imperfect relationships and events of our lives can still be good. Really good. What a shame it is to miss out on the good because we are only able to focus on the mess and mistakes.

Besides, we can always try again tomorrow. (please?)

All right. Time for some more cake.


  1. Awww how sweet of him. I’m curious as to why he was making the cake flourless?

  2. Haha of course JOnas made a super moist cake he is obsessed with MOIST cakes =)

  3. Edward Karlsson says:

    Has he made milkshakes for you yet? He made really goo-ooo-oood milkshakes on Cyprus! :)

    • angelicahagman says:

      Milkshakes, huh?? Hm, I have to ask him about that…nowadays, we mostly make smoothies!

  4. Sharman says:

    LOVE this message–so so true!!

  5. Angelica- I so needed to read this. I have been struggling with a certain relationship in my life and it made me realize that although it hasn’t turned out the way I hoped and may look like a hot mess of cake — it is in fact over all been a sweet treat until now. My focus needed to change, thank you for changing it.

    You are and always have been a rare sweet gem in my life. Thanks for being so wonderfully you.

    Tommi Hymas

    • angelicahagman says:

      So happy to hear from you, Tommi! I’m glad my post resonated with you – thanks for reading and for being so sweet and encouraging! Hope you guys are doing great. Miss you!

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