Where Do I Choose to Sit?


On a recent trip to Sicily, my husband and I visited a fishing village called Brucoli. (and yes, we joked about the name’s similarity to broccoli.)

We were only stopping by on our way to the airport and hadn’t researched what to see and do, but we still managed to find the town’s 15th century fortress and the adjacent limestone cliffs.

As you see in the bottom photo, the view from the cliffs was lovely.

But walk just a couple of steps backward and…not so much. The trash-container-and-dirt vista in the top photo isn’t exactly postcard material.

The striking difference in view made me chuckle. But as I thought more about it, a question formed in my mind:

Where do I choose to sit?

Well, duh. Given the choice, who in their right mind would prefer the dirt-n-trash view?

And yet, I find myself choosing the “ugly view” all the time. In many instances, I have a hard time pressing past the less appealing aspects of situations or people to enjoy the more appealing view.

Now, if I lived in Brucoli, I might have to do something about those trash containers. And if the containers instead brimmed over with glowing green toxic waste, trying to access the picturesque view might not be worth it.

But hey, it was just an eyesore. I could easily walk past and instead focus on the grottos in the cliffs, the gentle lap of the water, and the sun tickling my skin. (I actually could, because the kids were with their grandma!)

So I did.

If only things were as easy in less literal situations…

Ps. I noticed the topic of this post is similar to another one I wrote recently. Apparently I still haven’t internalized the message!


  1. Barb Park says:

    That’s what we are all trying to do. Some people have more visible obvious views to look past, but I have yet to find anyone who hasn’t and or doesn’t struggle with their views at some point in their life. It’s the people who actually realize there are different views that are miles ahead of the rest of us.

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