He Knows How You Feel

He Knows How You Feel

Through His glorious Atonement, Jesus Christ suffered for all of humankind’s sins and sorrows. He descended below us all so He could lift us up. (see e.g. Alma 7:12, D&C 88:6)

And for this half-man, half-god to truly become one with us, as the process of the Atonement required, He had to do the unthinkable:

He had to not only step into our proverbial shoes, but into our very skins.

He had to. How could He help lift our burdens if He didn’t understand us through and through? If He didn’t understand every facet of this thing we call human experience? The millions of thoughts and emotions, hormones and adrenaline that ebb and flow within us, that mix into an amalgam of something we can’t truly understand ourselves.

And the implications are mind-blowing:

He knows how you feel.

He knows how you feel when you’re the last person picked for a sports team. Again.

He knows what it’s like to find spinach in your teeth after an important presentation.

He knows how it feels to try so hard to be funny and outgoing at a gathering you’d rather skip for a quiet night at home, and later find out someone took one of your jokes as an insult.

He knows how you feel when you drop off your shy kid for his first day of school.

He knows how it feels to not know what else to do for your depressed spouse.

He knows the feeling of stepping into a room, sensing the people within have been talking about you. Negatively.

He knows how what it’s like to go to your billionth baby shower, knowing your body’s decided one will never be thrown for you.

He knows how you feel when you stare at your bank statement, wondering if you’ll ever be able to retire, or even stretch to the next paycheck.

He knows how you wish you could just take back that one night of I-just-don’t-care-anymore where you ruined everything.

Whatever you feel, Jesus Christ knows exactly what you feel because He felt it. And He hasn’t forgotten: you are graven into the palms of His hands. (Isaiah 49:16)

Not only does He know how you feel. He can help.

Turn to Him.


  1. This reminded me how hard the human experience is and how much I want to be there for other people when they go through these things. But we’re even luckier to be able to have Christ there for us. Thanks, Angelica.

    • angelicahagman says:

      Thank you, Erica! I’m glad we don’t have to make it through this life on our own, but have access to the help of people both human and heavenly.

  2. Your biggest fan says:

    Thanks! I really liked your examples- they got me thinking about what a wonderful and incomprehensible thing the Atonement is.
    Beautifully written as always!

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