3 Easy Ways to Get Into the Spirit of Easter


Something happened when my husband and I moved from Sweden to the US.

We basically stopped celebrating Easter.

Maybe it was because we no longer got any days off school or work during Easter week. Maybe it was because we didn’t yet have any kids to help turn our attention to Easter bunnies and egg hunts. Maybe it was because we were too lazy and cheap to make a traditional Swedish Easter dinner, or invest in some Easter decorations.

Whatever the reason, Easter passed us by every year, barely noticed and largely uncelebrated.

And that’s a bit sad. Not because we missed out on eating, decorating, and candy overdosing, but because we lost an opportunity. An opportunity to more deeply consider Christ’s suffering on our behalf, as well as His glorious Resurrection.

We probably won’t invest in Easter decorations this year either. We’ll do a small egg hunt for the kids, though, and maybe even throw together an Easter dish or two.

But most importantly, my husband and I plan to spend some time reading and thinking about the events that changed our world and eternity, and teach our two little boys about the infinite love of their Elder Brother, Jesus Christ.

The following suggestions on how to enrich your Easter experience do take some time and mind-share. But they require very little skill, creativity, or money, so I’m classifying them as easy! Hope they’re useful to you during this very special time of year.

3 Easy Ways to Get Into the Spirit of Easter:

1. Read about the original Easter events. This handy day-by-day study schedule should keep us all busy this week! And if you have some extra time, maybe you’d be interested in reading the Easter talk I gave in church last year. 

2. Watch videos about those same events. I’ve recommended the church’s Bible Videos series before, and this is a great time to watch several of the films related to Easter. Make sure to at least watch these videos about Christ’s suffering in Gethsemane, His Crucifixion, and His Resurrection. While you’re at it, jump over here to watch another beautiful video.

3. Thank Jesus Christ for His sacrifice. I’m considering placing a picture of my Savior on my bedside table to remind me to thank Him and Heavenly Father in prayer for their love and sacrifices for…well, little ol’ imperfect me.

If that’s not something for me to celebrate this week, I don’t know what is.


  1. First time reader, what a neat blog! Love your Easter message.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this blog, I enjoy your writing. Thanks for posting about Easter and the great links in this post.

  3. Christina says:

    Hi Angelica!
    I found your blog through a Facebook friend who knows your husband. Keep blogging we need more of this to fill our social media feeds!

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