That Time the Internet Taught Me a Lesson

Sometime earlier this morning…

I stare at my phone screen, inhaling my first morning dose of Facebook. As my thumb moves up the screen, a friend’s post (her name and picture properly grayed out here for privacy reasons…) comes into view:


I slightly turn my head to the side.

Hm…that graphic looks kind of familiar…

Hey, wait – it’s mine! I took the photo (in Joshua Tree National Park), selected the quote, played around with the text font and layout, uploaded the completed graphic to this website as well as to Pinterest…

Almost two years ago.

Lately, my activity here on Feast on the Word has been sporadic (to say the least). This is my first post since Christmas. The one right before I posted in August(!)

What can I say? Life happens. And my ten regular blog followers (and I’m probably rounding up here) didn’t complain about the lack of posts, so…no big deal.

And still, here my graphic shows up and from an unexpected angle punches me right in the face. First thing in the morning, too.

Granted, the words in my graphic were spoken by a prophet of God, not me. And it’s not like the graphic has gone viral like #thedress (which my eyes still tell me is white and gold, by the way).

But the Internet still taught me a lesson. And that lesson isn’t necessarily that Pinterest is a pretty powerful tool. Or even that what goes around comes around. The lesson, in a nutshell, is this:

You probably won’t know.

So far today, my fancy website statistics tell me I’ve had a whooping three visitors to my website today. Yes, three. And one of those three is yours truly. Yesterday, the statistics were a little better. Eleven visitors! The best in weeks, I’m sure.

So you probably won’t know.

You probably won’t know if the words of wisdom you offered to a friend years ago are inspiring a group of fifth graders in Cambodia today.

You probably won’t know if your kind compliment on a stranger’s laugh made her stop hating the sound of it.

You probably won’t know if a paragraph in your History 101 paper inspired your professor to finally get out of teaching and start her own cosmetics company (don’t worry, you got an A+ on that paper).

You probably won’t know.

I know. Not a particularly unique insight. Not even unique to me – I wrote a similar post here.

Still. Made me think a little about what messages I am sending out into the universe.

And wonder if the Internet wasn’t the only one trying to teach me a lesson.


  1. Nancy ////////////gilliland says:

    thanks so much. It made my day.

  2. i love this post!! So true I have been thinking about the same thing lately we never know the impact just a small act can have!

  3. Love love love this post. It’s so TRUE! I’m kind of hoping that one day we might know the good we did (but I don’t think I want to see the other side of the equation…I guess that’s why we repent early and often).

    • angelicahagman says:

      Yes, it would be awesome to see the (good) ripples one day! And I’m hoping God’s grace can help fix the bad…

  4. So happy to find another post on your blog! I so love your encouraging words. This was just what I needed to read. I pray that you continue to find strength in our Lord’s grace. Just so you know your blog gives me and my friends the uplift we need so please keep the posts coming.

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